Mom Flying With Crying Baby Starts Fistfight When Passengers Complain

We've all been there right? You're on a flight, and someone's baby starts to cry. Hey, traveling is rough, and the little ones just don't have the self-control to hold their wailing in like the rest of us. Usually we all just bear it as the parents offer apologetic glances, but in one case recently a full-on brawl erupted after tensions escalated over a crying baby on a flight.


The incident occurred on an Air China flight from Chongqing to Hong Kong on Wednesday, December 17, and took place between three women, all believed to be Chinese. It got so bad that the pilot had to warn the ladies that he would have to make an emergency landing if they couldn't pull themselves together.

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What allegedly happened was that a crying baby woke the two passengers seated in the next row. They angrily complained to the infant's 27-year-old mother, Chan Juan Sung. We're not really sure what happened next, but at some point, the two women acted like bears awakened from hibernation and reclined their seats back as far as they could go.

This apparently made the mom so mad that she reached over and punched one of them. People that recline their seats on you are the worst, aren't they? But you can't punch them.

Passenger Xiong Wan, 45, said, "I was sitting right next to them when they started telling the woman to shut the baby up ... she started shouting back at them and before I knew what was happening she leaned over the seat and punched one of them."

The witness continued, "They then started hitting her and all hell broke loose ... they were fighting, the baby was now screaming and other passengers were shouting. It was like some bizarre film."

Holy moly! I know we've probably all wanted to punch something when irritated on a flight over something, but you usually exhibit some level of decorum and keep your hands to yourself.

Thankfully, the women were able to be separated, and the flight landed on time, with Hong Kong police waiting to question the women about their scuffle.

How do you normally handle it when a baby cries on a flight you're on?


Image via Doug/Flickr

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