Twisted Mom Jailed for Framing Husband With Child Porn

Breaking up is hard to do and it's always tempting to slash your ex's tires or frame him with child pornography, but it's something that -- wait, what?! Who would do that crazy last thing? No one, right?! Wrong. A woman in Clymer, Pennsylvania, was sentenced to jail after getting caught downloading child porn and trying to frame her husband with it.


Meri Jane Woods, 43, accused her estranged husband last year of downloading child pornography on their home computer. But police say an investigation showed that the files were all downloaded on a day when her ex says he wasn't even living in the house -- in fact, he had been ordered to leave by a protection-from-abuse order.

Woods was sentenced to nine months to two years in jail. She will also have to register with the state for 15 years because she downloaded child pornography.

If you ask me, she got off easy. Plenty of men are in prison for much longer terms because they downloaded child pornography. Apparently because Woods didn't do it for her own sexual perversion but to get revenge on her husband means she gets off easy.

What an absolutely horrible thing to try to do to someone. It makes you even wonder if her husband ever did abuse her or if she lied about that as well. Something is not right upstairs with Woods. In fact, she's still claiming she did nothing wrong and was only trying to protect her children.

I don't care how angry you are at an ex, ruining his life and possibly putting him in prison until he's an old man because of a lie is horrific. The next man who gets involved with Meri Jane Woods should be warned.

Lesson for today, kids. If you simply must get revenge on your ex, do quirky things with her bridal gown or his groom's tux. Do NOT frame your ex with child porn.

Is this enough jail time?

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