9-Year-Old's Joyride in Mom's Car Turns Deadly When He Speeds Away From Cops

We've heard of kids grabbing a hold of the car keys before and going for a joyride -- usually it ends up with a crash though a neighbor's house but nothing too serious. Not the case here. Somehow, a 9-year-old boy in Scott County, Mississippi, got a hold of the keys to his mom's car and piled three other children into the car with him before he took off down the street. By the time the ride was over, two of his young passengers were dead.


Nine-year-old Ty'Jun Thigpen, known as Nemo, was cruising down the street with a 3-year-old and two 13-year-old twins, when they spotted something that could end their fun just up ahead: a police checkpoint.

As Nemo took off to avoid the check, the police took off after the car to see why it was determined to avoid them. A chase ensued and it was during the chase that the car full of children ran off the road, ran into a lightpole, and overturned.

The 3-year-old and one of the 13-year-old twins were killed. The 9-year-old driver is in critical condition.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol says it hasn't filed any charges yet, but says it won't rule that out. Presumably the cops would file charges against the boy, not his mom. After all, just because you leave your car keys around doesn't mean you expect your kid to go on a deadly joyride.

It's difficult to justify filing charges against a kid that young, though. Someday that kid will grow older and realize what he did and be devastated.

A good reminder to keep your keys out of your kids' reach just in case.

Do you ever worry about your kid stealing the car keys?

Image via WLBT

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