Teacher Fired for Duct Taping Child's Mouth Gives Ridiculous Excuse (VIDEO)

Sooooo what is up with adults taping the mouths of children shut? I know it's tempting, but seriously, people, it's something that should be fantasized about, not actually done. But it appears that people never learn their lesson on this particular act. The latest comes from Orange Park, Florida, where a YMCA staff member was fired after allegedly duct taping a boy's mouth shut.


It apparently happened during an after-school program at the YMCA. When mom Jacque Moreno noticed her 6-year-old son's mouth was bleeding, she says she asked him about it and he told her that site director Valerie Ertel had duct taped his mouth from cheek to cheek.

She told WJXT:

He did state that it was hurting so bad and he was trying to get it off.

The boy, Josh, said that she had done it because he was talking too much. I mean, he's 6. That's what they do!

When Moreno confronted the teacher, she says Ertel didn't apologize at all:

She didn’t state why she did it ... She hesitated, you know, because she knew it was wrong.

Reportedly, several children witnessed the incident. And there's more! Moreno says that another child says he had his mouth taped shut too.

Moreno says her young son is "terrified" and "blames himself."

The staffer was reportedly fired.

Yeah, it must get tough listening to children blab on and on ... the endless questions, etc. But how about sending them out of the room if they get too blabby?

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Given the amount of times we've heard about adults who work with children doing this, perhaps duct tape needs to be banned around kids.

How can this be stopped??

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