Woman Caught Trying to Sell Her 1-Year-Old Daughter Has Heartbreaking Excuse

A mother of three is reportedly wandering around the roadside of Fuzhou, China, trying to sell her 1-year-old daughter. The woman has been photographed with a sign imploring passersby to buy her youngest child. (Why she has three kids in one-child-policy China is unclear.) While this might sound like the most cruel and heartless mom ever, the facts are apparently much more complex and heartbreaking than what meets the eye. The woman's husband is lying gravely injured in a hospital -- which refuses to treat him until a $15,000 bill is paid.


The woman, Ni Qiong, and her husband, Zhou Xinggui, are reportedly migrant workers, and Zhou Xinggui fell off some scaffolding. He desperately needs surgery, but reportedly the hospital refuses to do it until the money is paid upfront.

His wife's sign reportedly read:

Please buy my daughter. My husband is waiting for surgery fees in the hospital as his boss ran away. I would like to see my daughter and save my husband.

Boss fled after industrial accident and we don't have the money for treatment. I'm willing to sell my child to save her father.

I can't imagine what it's like to be in this woman's position. Sure, many of you are probably thinking, I would NEVER sell my daughter; I don't care if my husband WAS dying in a hospital!

But think about it. She's in rural China and has three kids -- and if her husband isn't patched up soon, she is going to have no way to provide for all of those children on her own. She'll probably end up having to give them ALL away.

Granted, a sign on the side of a road isn't the best way to go about this, but she knew if she brought her children to an orphanage, that wouldn't solve the problem either. She needs money.

Until you've been this poor and hopeless, do not judge. This woman isn't evil, she's desperate. She's been put in an untenable position -- whichever way she goes, she's screwed.

And she probably doesn't spend her hours reading about child sex trafficking and child molestation, and probably just thinks whoever can offer her that kind of money for a child will take good care of her.

Think it couldn't happen to you?

Millions of people in this country don't have health insurance, and hospitals are forbidden by law to refuse to treat those without health insurance, but hospitals are certainly welcome to bill patients huge amounts of money they can't afford and then harass them for it forever. Additionally, this only applies to emergencies, and hospitals have latitude to decide what an emergency is. Just be glad there's a law saying hospitals have to treat those who can't afford it or for sure they would not.

Let's not judge this woman who is in a terrible position -- one we should all be forever grateful we're not in.


Image via Qui Wei Fong/Flickr

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