College Student Freezes to Death After Falling in Creek After Night of Drinking

Heartbreaking story from Minnesota today: just a few weeks before the holidays, a freshman at Bemidji State University reportedly fell into a frozen creek and died after pulling herself out and becoming unconscious in the cold, snowy woods. Nursing student Sandra Lommen was only 20 and had reportedly spent the night drinking to excess at a party before the horrific incident took place.


Lommen was reportedly intoxicated and walking by herself to Linden Gall dorm after spending the night at an off-campus party. Police are unsure why she wandered off from the road more than a mile away from the school, but a passerby found her at around 8:30 a.m. -- six hours after she left the party -- and she was still breathing. She died later.

Investigators say the young woman must have accidentally wandered into a frozen creek, but then managed to get herself out and passed out about 50 yards from the water. She was wearing a winter coat and boots, but that wasn't enough to keep her from suffering from hypothermia, according to police.

The results of an autopsy have not yet been released. Police say they are investigating who purchased alcohol for the underage student and plan to hold someone responsible for this tragedy.

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We know that many college kids -- whether they're 21 or not -- are going to drink. Rather than preach to them about not drinking to excess -- and, by all means, we should do that too -- we need to make sure they understand that, if they are going to consume alcohol, they must make sure they don't take dangerous risks like traveling to and from places alone.

This young woman was just beginning to live and it's horrible to think of her grieving family having to come to terms with her senseless death. Our hearts go out to them.

How do you speak to your teen about drinking alcohol?


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