Mom Gives Birth to Conjoined Twins Who Need Our Prayers (PHOTO)

twins conjoinedMom Michelle Brantley of Jacksonville, Florida, knew she was pregnant with identical twin boys and because they were conjoined, doctors were worried that she wouldn't make it past 32 weeks. The rare conjoined twins were given a 25 percent chance of surviving their condition, but both mom and baby boys defied the odds. Prepare to believe in miracles.


Mom Michelle went through her pregnancy with no major complications. This is so wonderful. I'm a twin mom as well. Though my children were not conjoined, I know the importance of a twin pregnancy (or any pregnancy) going to term. It seems especially vital for these conjoined twins who already faced a complication and didn't need any more.

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Michelle, her fiance Bryan Mirabal, and their son Gage were excited to welcome the twins next week when Michelle had her c-section scheduled, but the little guys decided to come just a little early arriving late Friday night. These are the first conjoined twins the area has seen in at least 15 years

On their Facebook page, Prayers for Carter & Conner, the family posted the latest:

The complications the boys were having was that when the boys were born their stomach were open and some of their organs were exposed, during the operation to try and cover the exposed organ until their surgery to quote them back up. well the surgeon decided they to do a little poking around and to their knowledge the boys are sharing a little to no organs!! For the exception of their liver and even the liver they believe they have two separate livers that are just fused together. Although we are not out of the woods yet that was the best news we have heard and god knows how long! God is good! We love our little miracle babies!!

Such wonderful news! With all the sad news in the world, it's heartwarming to know that miracles do happen, and that we need to have faith and be thankful for what we do have, and how life is so precious. Never give up hope. My 5-year-old twins and family are praying for Carter and Conner to continue to be strong to get through all they need to get through. Believe in miracles.

Do you know believe in miracles?


Image via Prayers for Carter & Conner

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