School Teacher Fired for Facebook Post About Baby Cows (VIDEO)

It seems like it's gotten to the point where you can't post anything on Facebook without risking your job, but this instance of job suicide via Facebook has got to be the dumbest yet. Keith Allison, a second grade teacher in Smithville, Ohio, was reportedly fired after he posted a picture on Facebook of a dairy farm using crates to house baby calves.


Allison, who is a vegan and animal rights activist, posted the picture with the caption:

As someone who grew up feeling parental love and support, and now as a parent who gives love and support, I reject the claim that separating babies from loving mothers to raise them isolated in boxes can ever be considered humane.

Pretty mild, eh? It's not like he called the farmers "Nazis" or people who eat dairy "medievil torturers." He just says he's rejecting the claim that isolating baby animals in boxes is humane. And guess what? It's not.

But when it came time to renew his contract, the school declined because it said the farm had complained about the picture. Seriously? How would the farm even know about the picture? Was it randomly checking local teachers' Facebook walls?

The school then told Allison that it couldn't afford to offend the local farming community because it gives so much money to the schools. Huh? Why do farms give money to schools?

He was then told if he wanted to be a vegan advocate he couldn't be a teacher there and his contract wasn't renewed.

Unreal. So farmers are running the school system in this town? Do they get to check the school books too and make sure there's no mention of anything anti-meat or anti-dairy?

I'm all for being super cautious on your Facebook wall. Facebook long ago morphed from a social site most people assumed was private between friends and family to the equivalent of yelling whatever you post through a megaphone to an ampitheater full of all your worst enemies.

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But this is ridiculous. The school could have at least given him a warning. Teachers need to have passions, beliefs and lives outside of school that they are able to occasionally give vent to without risk of being canned.

Should he have been fired? Should teachers be able to have free speech on Facebook?

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