Dad Tackled & Arrested by Cops After Kids Found Alive in Amber Alert Case

A California statewide Amber Alert was called off on Thursday for the best reason -- the kids were found alive and safe. Unfortunately, life will never be the same for them, as their father was tackled and arrested by police after a high-speed freeway chase and stand off, one day after a woman's body was found in the trunk of the family car. The body has since been identified as the children's mother.


Daniel and Erica Perez disappeared with their four children from their family home last weekend, and it was believed that the four boys -- Jordan, 11, Jaiden, 9, Tristan, 8, and Alex, 6 -- were with their father after the body was found on Wednesday.

Erica's sister, Pamela Valdez, issued a tearful plea during a press conference on Wednesday: "We just want to know where the kids are. Please, Danny, bring the kids back. Just drop them off at a fire station somewhere. Don't hurt them, please -- they're innocent. Don't do this. Please, Danny, just drop the kids off. Please."

Police activated a LoJack on the family's Toyota Camry, and got a signal in San Diego, near the Mexican border. At first the officer who spotted the vehicle thought it was empty, but then he raced off. A 20-minute chase ensued with the California Highway Patrol, before Perez stopped at the highway ramp between the 52 and 67 freeways in East County and began a 90-minute stand off.

"Where he stopped was our concern," said CHP Officer Kevin Pearlstein. "Stopping in the middle of the transition road, our concern was that he was going to try and jump over the side and maybe take some of the boys with him."

Those kids must have been so terrified! And God only knows what they witnessed. Their mother's murder? Did they even know she was presumed dead? I want to give them all hugs and chocolate!

Two of the kids ran from the car during the standoff, and the other two were grabbed by officers as their dad was hit by a bean bag gun, tackled, and taken into custody. He was reportedly trying to jump before law enforcement took him down. No child should ever have to witness their father in such a state. It's just horrible.

Families members admit to a history of domestic violence in the family, which just makes this case so much sadder. Sometimes giving an abuser "one more chance" is like signing your death warrant. No one deserves to be smacked around, for any reason, ever.

Are you glad the kids weren't (physically) harmed in this case?


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