Sex Offender Defies Karma by Winning $3 Million Lottery (VIDEO)

Those of you who believe in karma will be disappointed by this latest story. A convicted sex offender has won $3 million with a scratch-off lottery ticket. The man, Timothy Dale Poole, served three years in prison after pleading guilty to molesting a child. Now he's a multimillionaire.


Poole purchased the ticket at a Mount Dora, Florida, 7-Eleven store. A friend who was with him told Local6:

He was flabbergasted. He couldn't believe it. It was quite a remarkable thing. My heart is still beating.

Florida does not have any laws saying that a convicted criminal can't benefit from a lottery ticket. Currently, he's a driver and dispatcher for a cab company that is owned by his mother.

Poole went to prison after reportedly admitting that a family friend's 9-year-old would sleep in the same bed with him and he would sometimes wake him up to perform a sex act. However, Poole denied the allegations and ended up plea bargaining the case down to 13 months time served.

However, after breaking his probation by not attending mandated classes, a judge sent him to prison in 2003. He served three years and has not been in trouble since.

Poole, however, still claims that he didn't do anything wrong, telling a local station:

It may be hard for some to believe, but sometimes people are wrongly accused.

His friend says he plans to use some of the money to expand his mom's cab business.

Well, this is just the kind of story that can make you lose all hope that there is any justice in the universe. While good people starve on the streets, here is a convicted child molester who will never need to worry about money again. Or won't he? After all, there's the lottery curse. So many lottery winners have ended up broke or dead. Maybe Poole's karma is just beginning.

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On the other hand, if he was innocent as claimed, maybe the universe is paying him back somehow.

Sticks in the craw, don't it?

Do you think convicted criminals should be able to collect lottery winnings?

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