Pottymouth Mom Arrested for Cussing at Park by Uptight Police Officer

Have you ever used salty language at a school playground? I’m pretty sure I have. I’m pretty sure the entire concept of a playground is custom-designed to make mothers use salty language: “Where the H is my kid? What son of a B designed those death-trap monkey bars? Who’s that little MF that pushed him off the slide? How in the H am I going to get all this sand out of his shoes? What kind of S did he just put in his mouth?” But apparently if you’re cussing up a storm at a playground in Kent, England, you can get ARRESTED for using strong language — since that’s exactly what happened to British mom Roxanne Beaven.


Beaven, 24, was talking to some other moms when an off-duty police officer asked her to watch her language. A few minutes later, as he was walking back through the playground near her, he threatened to arrest her if she didn’t keep her conversation in the rated-G zone. That’s when she told him to f**ck off, which not only got her slapped with a public order offense, it got her a nice little dose of police brutality.

Beaven is a mother of three and was at the playground with her 2-year-old twin sons. At first she didn’t believe the man was a cop, which is why she cursed at him:

I admittedly told him to f*** off at first because I didn't know him from Adam.

The officer then grabbed her arm and tried to wrestle her to the ground, damaging her skin in the process:

He has bruised my arm. It's disgusting what he has done to me. It's so sore, it really hurts. I ran into the school and burst out crying.

You can see the bruising at the Daily Mail and it really is pretty bad.

Beaven has since launched a formal complaint against the officer, saying,

I know I shouldn't have been using that language outside the school but the way he reacted was out of order. The word was used in conversation. It was not directed at him. He was so aggressive. He was off-duty. To me, that is a parent attacking another parent.

Another mother who witnessed the incident is taking Beaven’s side:

He looked like he was trying to get her on the floor. Roxanne's twin boys started screaming their heads off. We had no way of knowing he was really a police officer. I was disgusted. To those little boys, it looked like he was attacking their mum.

As for the Essex Police, a spokesman has only said,

We can confirm we have received a complaint about an officer and as this matter is being investigated we cannot comment further at this stage.

Wow. Well, there’s always the possibility that we’re not hearing the full story. That’s the trouble with juicy news stories like this, it’s easy to make opinions based only on what she’s saying. But if she’s telling the truth, I think the cop was WAY out of line and should be fined for wasting police time on someone’s potty mouth. Don’t they have any real criminals to arrest, for crying out loud?

What do you think about this? Would you be upset if a cop approached you at a playground and told you to watch your language?

Image via nahemoth/Flickr

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