Mom Tells 2 Children She Loves Them As They Die in Fire

Two children died in a fire in a locked RV while their mom stood just outside, desperately trying to get to them. It all started when Heather Green of Twin Falls, Idaho, stepped outside the RV to smoke a cigarette and make a phone call. Meanwhile, she played a little game with one of her sons, pushing the door of the camper back and forth between them. But then the door shut and automatically locked from the inside. Horrifyingly, it was at that exact moment that something got too close to a space heater inside and the camper caught fire.


Green desperately tried to get the door open as flames began to engulf the RV, but she couldn't. Screaming for help, neighbors rushed over. One managed to smash the window of the RV and he was able to grab 3-year-old Amiyah and pull her through the window. But no one could reach the two boys, ages 1 and 4.

Another neighbor, Gina Johnson, describes the devastating scene that happened next:

She was standing by the window with her hand in there, telling them that she loved them. She made sure they heard it until she heard no more from them.

Ugh, can you just imagine being that mom. Seeing your babies burn to death before your very eyes and being unable to reach them. Telling them that you loved them until the moment they drew their last breaths. Horrific.

Johnson said that Green was trying so desperately to reach her children that she burned her hands and nearly tore one finger off.

Thank goodness at least one baby was near a window and able to be saved, but this has got to be one of the more tragic things I've read in a long time. I can't imagine what that mom is going to go through for the rest of her life.

The park manager says she will be offering Green and her daughter housing for the next few months. She is also collecting items for the family since they lost everything. The TEARS Foundation will be offering emotional support and helping to pay for funeral expenses.

What an absolutely heartbreaking tragedy.


Image via Jonas Bengtsson/Flickr

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