Woman Gives Birth on Plane Just After Take-Off

southwest airplaneThe stork paid a visit in the sky when a pregnant woman on board Southwest Airlines flight number 623 out of San Francisco on the way to Phoenix, Arizona, gave birth on the airplane. Now that's a birth story! The plane took off at 6:24 a.m. and the woman was seated in coach near the back of the plane. Just after take-off baby started to let mama know it was time to be born. Hello, Mom. I know it's not the best time right now since we just took off from San Fran and we are accelerating upward into the sky, but I WANT OUT! This is where the mama instinct takes over and either there is extreme panic or total calmness. Guess what this woman chose?


It appears she was as calm as the clouds on a gorgeous San Francisco day. This mom handled labor and birth beautifully -- sources say she never left her seat. She was flying with family and this is her second child. So she knew her body was made for birthing. Baby is going to join this world when baby is ready -- and baby was ready! Since it was too late to turn the plane around to land back in San Francisco, the pilot diverted to Los Angeles' LAX, and by 7:38 a.m., the plane landed with a brand new baby boy on board. That's just one hour and 14 minutes later.

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There was a doctor and nurse on the plane who helped her, but it seems the birth happened so fast and with such ease that mama had that baby right there in the seat without many knowing. Most likely those who zone out with their hand-held devices. See what you miss out on when you cut yourself off from the world? I know what you're wondering -- why did this mama-to-be get on board a plane so close to her due date? Most doctors agree that it's safe to fly up until your 36th week of pregnancy. And it's very possible this mom began labor before she boarded -- despite what some people believe, being in labor doesn't always feel like excruciating pain. Sometimes, it just feels like gas. And some give birth early with no issue. This woman's body was just doing its job -- giving birth.

And even though there is a very famous baby named North West, it's doubtful this little boy was named Southwest after the airplane he decided to be born on. (My vote would be for the name Sky.)

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Mom and baby are said to be doing wonderfully and were transferred to a hospital in LA. The rest of the passengers had to deplane and board a new aircraft to head over to Phoenix. This doesn't bode well for people who love to complain about babies on an airplane. If any of those types were on board, they have just added "pregnant women" to the list of people they no longer want to be allowed on the flights they take, right next to "all kids under 6" and "people who think your armrest is theirs."

So much love to this family! And if you were inconvenienced by the birth, I hope you see the true beauty in what happened and let it slide.

What would you do if there was a birth on the plane you were on? Do you think this woman should have been flying at all?

Image via Jordon Vuong/Flickr

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