Mother & 2 Very Young Sons Among 6 Dead After Plane Crashed Into Their House

A mother and her two very young sons -- one was just 1 month old and the other was 3 years old -- are among 6 people who died after a private jet crashed into her Maryland house on Monday morning. The details of this accident are truly horrendous and heartbreaking. Marie Gemmell, 36, was home with her toddler Cole and newborn Devon while her husband was at work and her 5-year-old daughter Arabelle was at school. A small jet that had departed from an airport in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, crashed into their two-story wood-frame home in the Washington, DC, suburb of Gaithersburg, exploding in a fireball.


The jet, which was either carrying or being piloted by Dr. Michael Rosenberg, the founder and CEO of a clinical research organization called Health Decisions, Inc., was making a landing at a runway adjacent to Gaithersburg when officials say it flew too low and crashed. Witnesses from the suburb, who are used to hearing low-flying jets, say they noticed the plane was wobbly before it crashed. After it hit the Gemmell house, it reportedly blew out the entire first floor.

Gemmell was found dead with her babies in her arms, and it is believed she died trying to protect them from the fire and smoke. I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I say the thought of her husband and young daughter learning about what happened to them is too awful to even contemplate. 

Hours before the crash, Gemmell reportedly posted on Facebook that she wanted to "stay home" on Monday and watch TV with her kids. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Gemmell's husband and daughter.

Two neighboring homes were affected by the impact of the crash, but its residents weren't injured.

Rosenberg and two others onboard the jet all reportedly died. Authorities say all six victims were so badly injured from the crash that they couldn't be transported to the hospital for medical attention.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there have been 14 reported crashes in Gaithersburg in the last 19 years. It is too early to determine what, exactly, happened to the plane or who was piloting it, but it has been reported that Rosenberg was a pilot who crashed a different plane in Gaithersburg in 2010.

Our hearts go out to Gemmell's husband and daughter and to all of the families of the victims of this tragic plane crash.


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