6-Year-Old Accidentally Kills Himself While Watching Cartoons (VIDEO)

A family in Chicago, Illinois, is facing yet another tragedy as 6-year-old Michael Cattron is suspected of shooting himself in the head while watching cartoons. Reportedly, the boy's father stepped outside to smoke a cigarette when he heard a "popping sound" and came inside to find little Michael dead from a bullet wound to the head. But this is far from the first tragedy the family has seen.


Michael died by the gun and so did his mother, Jasmine Curry, who was shot to death while riding in a car last summer. She was only 24 and pregnant at the time. And Michael had already lost two uncles, one by a gun and another by illness.

Pierre Curry has now seen three children plus his grandchild die all within the span of a few years, and he's just 46. Curry said he went to visit little Michael in the hospital before he died. He told the Chicago Tribune:

I kissed him and told him I loved him, but the way he looked, I couldn't take it.

The details of how he managed to get a loaded gun and kill himself are sketchy. Michael's grandmother, Latonia Mardis, said he was going through some boxes when he found it. But some family members reportedly thought that another child playing in the home might have shot Michael.

Either way, it sounds like this poor family is absolutely haunted by gun violence. Poor Michael's grandfather.

This story is one of many that reminds us that guns and children do not mix, and if you're going to have a gun in the home, it's got to be secured and away from where any children can reach it.

Image via WGN

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