Couple Killed 30 Minutes After Learning Most Wondrous News

Finding out you are pregnant can be one of the most exciting and joyous moments of your life -- so it's tragic that one new mother only had half an hour to enjoy it. Hannah Sanders, 20, and her fiance, Lee Palmer, 26, took a pregnancy test at her mother's house in Surrey, England. Seeing it was positive, Sanders elatedly posted the news to an online pregnancy forum. Then she and her fiance got in their car.


The couple were on their way back from picking up keys to their new house. Shortly into their drive, Sanders, who was driving, lost control of the car when she hit a patch of damp road and skidded across it into the path of an oncoming car.

Sanders' mom, Pat, told the Mirror:

Being a mum and marrying Lee was all Hannah ever wanted. She would have made a wonderful mother and Lee a smashing Dad. They were so in love and had everything to live for. So to lose their lives when they were at their happiest is too sad for words. One minute Hannah and Lee were celebrating the new life inside her and the next they were gone.

On the pregnancy forum, well-wishes were being posted under Sanders' announcement until news of her death began to spread -- then those messages of happiness turned to messages of shock and sadness.

Tragically, the couple were on their way to Palmer's mother's house when the accident happened. They were no doubt on their way to share the wonderful pregnancy news. But they never arrived.

It is truly astonishing how quickly it can all be taken away from you. It's a good reminder to enjoy every minute and not to get bogged down in the pettiness of everyday life. Sanders and Palmer died knowing they were going to be parents, they died happy. But that is small consolation.

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This beautiful young couple remind us all to live every minute as if it might be our last -- because it might be.


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