Mom Enraged After Her 6-Year-Old Son Is Handcuffed at School

A Georgia mom is utterly enraged after learning her 6-year-old son with special needs was restrained with metal handcuffs at his elementary school, who said he was misbehaving. Instead of trying one of a million other methods teachers are taught to employ when a student isn't acting correctly in class, Lakaisha Reid says her son Patrick was apparently cuffed so tightly his wrists were bruised.


The alleged incident took place at Pine Ridge Elementary and was brought to Patrick's parents' attention after his father received a phone call from one of the school's administrators asking that he and Reid visit the school.

When they arrived, Reid says they could hear Patrick yelling and screaming from another room. When they saw him, he reportedly had bruises on his wrists from the handcuffs and complained that his arms hurt when he was touched in the spot where he had been restrained.

According to a school resource officer, Patrick was "acting in a disruptive manner and being self-destructive during school." His behaviors reportedly included running into walls, banging his head on the table, and "placing his health at risk." Administrators say handcuffs were used for his own protection.

Mom is livid and says the only reason any child should be handcuffed is if he is "robbing a bank."

I can't imagine finding out my son was treated like a criminal for acting out in school -- especially if he was trying to hurt himself and didn't know how to calm himself down. If you must restrain his hands because you fear he is going to injure himself, must it really be done using METAL handcuffs that are probably going to cause him further injury?

A better alternative would have been to place this child in a safe room surrounded by soft objects that can't harm him. A professional who is trained to deal with children with special needs should have been assigned to help this little boy deal with his anger and frustration in a healthy way.

At no time should his hands have been restrained with a device used to restrain criminals. The message you send to a child by doing this is just as dangerous as the physical bruises you can cause.

Do you think the school had a right to handcuff this 6-year-old boy?


Image via Steven Depolo/Flickr

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