3 People Dead & 8 Injured After Car Hits & Kills Black Bear on Florida Road

An incredibly sad and strange car crash took place in Florida Sunday night, when a woman in an SUV struck and killed a 300-pound black bear while reportedly driving through Big Cypress Reservation in the Everglades. Noticing that she was stranded, three people in a different car stopped to help the woman. After they got out of their cars, a third vehicle -- reported to be a Mercedes -- slammed into the SUV that had hit the bear and hit and killed the three people who were trying to help.


In total, 13 people were either driving or passengers in the three cars involved in the crash. Four of the passengers were injured so badly that they had to be transported by helicopter to a hospital, while four others were taken by ambulance.

Amazingly, two people -- including the woman who struck the bear -- were not hurt.

The names of the passengers and drivers involved in the incident have not been released, nor has additional information about their injuries. It is being reported, however, that one of the passengers who had to be airlifted was a 14-year-old boy, whose condition got worse as he was then driven to Broward Health Medical Center. His 45-year-old father -- the driver of the Mercedes -- is also said to have been injured.

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A spokesman from the Seminole Police Department said this is the first incident he can recall involving a black bear, though black bears live throughout Florida and in the Everglades. The age of the bear, its sex, and its behavior at the time of the accident are unknown.

We are wishing those who were hurt in this accident a speedy recovery, and our hearts go out to those who lost their lives while acting as Good Samaritans.


Image via GoToVan/Flickr

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