Female Military Members Were Disrespected in Most Disgraceful Way

Women serving with our Armed Forces deserve every bit as much respect as the men do, so it's really disappointing to hear that sometimes they're still being treated in such disrespectful ways. Reportedly, some of the first female sailors to serve on military submarines were secretly videotaped while taking showers.


The videos reportedly show at least three female sailors showering and undressing and were secretly filmed by a 24-year-old male who then distributed the videos. The cameras may have caught men showering too, but apparently it was only footage of the women who were then made into personal pornographic videos for the other sailors on board.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is looking into the incident, but sources say that the Navy treated it as if it were a "privacy violation," when it fact it should have been treated as "sexual harassment."

Because the investigation is ongoing, the Navy wouldn't comment on the matter, though the spokesman did refer to the videos (if they definitely exist) as a "criminal matter." But there are quite a few people who think they're not taking it very seriously.

Said a retired female officer who mentored the women on the Wyoming, where the alleged crimes took place:

If you don't talk about it, and you let the offenders get away with it, at the end of the day you're actually saying it's okay.

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The Navy needs to take this incredibly seriously and to properly discipline whoever did this. (And whoever watched these videos without reporting it too!)

Female sailors put their lives at risk just as much as the men and should be treated as equals. They didn't sign up to serve our country to be treated like porn stars or like they're filming a scene for Porky's. Some of these sailors need to GROW. UP.


Image via Official US Navy Page/Flickr

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