Mom Reportedly Lies to Police About Dog Biting Toddler to Protect Dog (VIDEO)

We love our pets and we love our kids and sometimes, unfortunately, they don't mix. A mom is accused of lying to hospital staff after she brought in her 2-year-old daughter to the emergency room after she was bitten on the nose by a dog. Mom Tram Do from Des Moines, Iowa, reportedly told doctors and police that her daughter, Gabrielle, was bitten by a stray dog -- but the truth was much harder to bear. Apparently her little girl was bitten by her boyfriend's dog. But Do didn't want them to know that -- and with good reason.


The dog, called Bowser, is a pit bull breed. Do must have known that that would mean something very bad for Bowser if she told people what really happened. Any breed of dog can bite, but a pit bull was going to get treated much more harshly.

She says it happened when the girl tried to kiss Bowser on the nose and he snapped at her. His owner, Do's boyfriend John Houston, says Bowser is a very calm dog who normally gently plays with the girl, but he had a grumpy moment. Facebook pictures of the little girl show her even riding the dog's back. These adults seem to have made the mistake of thinking that the child could do anything to the dog. You should teach your children boundaries with dogs. Any of them can snap if pushed or feeling uncomfortable.

After the bite, Bowser reportedly knew what he'd done was wrong, running into a corner, and lying down with his ears pressed down against his head.

The little girl had reportedly only moved into the house with the dog a couple of weeks ago, and the pooch was probably still getting accustomed to having a child around. Especially one who would plunk herself on his back!

I actually think this mom and her boyfriend realized who was in the wrong here -- and it wasn't the dog. They probably knew they should have been paying more attention and teaching the girl better behavior around the dog.

But it's too late now, because after doctors told the mom her child would have to get a series of painful rabies shots, the mom fessed up that the "stray" dog was actually her boyfriend's dog.

Now Bowser is being held by the city and may be put down. Of course, it is the dog who gets punished, when it's the adults who should have been much more careful.

At least the mom tried to save the dog, but now she's in trouble too and may be charged for lying to police.

With these kinds of harsh laws regarding dog bites, people are going to stop taking their kids to the hospital if something happens. Hopefully, the solution here is that Bowser is given to a person who can better train the pup.

What would you do if your dog bit your kid?

Image via Fox 8 WGHP

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