Terrifying Video of Toddler Rolling Onto Train Tracks Will Make Your Heart Stop (WATCH)

Terrifying footage of a stroller rolling onto train tracks, with a little girl still inside, is making the rounds on the Internet. The 18-month-old girl was reportedly with her grandfather at the Melbourne, Australia tracks when he turned his back for a moment to use the ticket machine and the stroller began to roll away without his knowledge. What happens next is totally heart-stopping!


Take a look:

Yikes! You forget that strollers can sometimes just kind of ... have a mind of their own. I felt bad for the grandfather not only seeing that and having to figure out something to do quickly, but he appears to have another child with him that he has to ignore while he tends to serious business.

At least some people helped out ... and no train was coming!

The little girl reportedly suffered an injured eye and nose but is otherwise okay.

A good reminder to keep your stroller wheels locked whenever you're not pushing it.

Have you ever had your stroller get away from you?

Image via World Media/YouTube

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