Breastfeeding Mom Given Napkin & Ordered to Cover Up at Hotel (PHOTO)

mother lou burns breastfeedingMom of three Lou Burns was having afternoon tea with her family at Claridge, a luxury hotel in London, when she began breastfeeding her youngest child. Staff members saw her and rushed to her with a massive napkin telling her that she had to cover up as not to offend the other patrons. I suppose baby isn't allowed to have her own afternoon "tea". Burns is questioning why the staff has made her feel she had done something wrong by breastfeeding her baby without a cover, so she posted photos of both for the public to decide.


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Humiliated, Burns said, "I have three children and this is the first time I have been able to breastfeed properly. Women are under so much pressure to breastfeed and it is not always easy. I did not expect to be made to feel I have done something wrong." Burns is married to British actor Nick Burns who stars in Nathan Barley and The IT Crowd.

She admits that she got very upset and was crying when the staff gave her the massive napkin and told her to cover up. But no one, not even a manager, came to apologize or even talk it out. Breastfeeding: It's like a crime. If you compare both photos, there really is nothing to see in either -- when she breastfeeds without the shroud blocking air to baby, her breasts aren't exposed. There is no nudity for people to get upset about. In fact, the napkin draws more attention.

Of course, Burns will be having her tea elsewhere. And maybe the staff at the Claridge should walk around with those large napkins on their heads. It's their attitude I find most offensive.

What do you think? Should a breastfeeding mom be forced to cover up?

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