Mom Keeps Husband's Body in Home for 6 Months in Hopes of Resurrection

wife hides husband's corpse for six months

It’s always difficult when you read the story of someone relying on their religious devotion to the point where they break the law, whether that’s by protesting a cause they believe in, or refusing medical treatment for a child because they believe in the healing power of prayer. I’m not a spiritual person but I know how meaningful faith is to others, and in most circumstances, I could never condemn someone for making a choice that’s different than one I might personally make. There are times when devotion goes too far, though, like in the recent case of a Canadian woman who lived with her husband’s corpse for half a year because she believed he would be resurrected.


Kaling Wald, 50, of Hamilton, Ontario, has pleaded guilty to failing to notify police that her husband had died. She was sentenced on Monday to probation and counseling after lawyers say she left her husband Peter Wald in bed for six months after he passed away on March 2013.

Peter Wald, 52, died of what authorities say were natural causes after he suffered a foot infection linked to his diabetes. Kaling Wald sealed up their bedroom to prevent the odor of decay from bothering the rest of the household, which included five of the couple's six children as well as other adults. The entire family was very active in Christian street ministry and outreach, and Kaling apparently believed he would come back from the dead if she prayed hard enough:

Just as Jesus raised Lazarus after the fourth day, so too did she believe God would resurrect her husband in due time.

Wald’s body was found in September 2013 when local police arrived to evict the family after they defaulted on the mortgage. It was badly decomposed and had attracted rodents, but the family make no attempt to hide the corpse.

Kaling Wald’s lawyer says she now understands she was supposed to notify the police and has no intentions of repeating this act in the future:

She certainly was remorseful, and definitely was teary-eyed. Indeed, she noted that she was never actually able to cry over the passing of her husband, but this seemed to have been an emotional breakthrough after the court proceedings yesterday. I think counseling is certainly going to be beneficial for her.

The Children's Aid Society has investigated the family, but found no reason to believe the children are in danger.

Boy. I don’t even know what to say about this, aside from the fact that it’s horribly sad. I’m so sorry for those children — the reports don’t say how old they are, but they must have spent all that time either knowing their father’s body was in the bedroom or believing he’d left for some reason. (I don’t know which scenario is worse, frankly.) I’m heartbroken that anyone could have hoped so fervently that a man could come back from the dead, even after months had passed and the inevitable ravages of time had taken their toll on his flesh.

In any case, I hope everyone gets counseling because this was beyond traumatic, and even if the children aren’t negatively affected now, they surely will be in the future.

Have you ever heard of a story like this?

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