Soldier Confronts Fake Army Ranger at Mall & Goes Ballistic (VIDEO)

If it's anything that's offensive, it's people trying to get valor and honor they haven't earned. One soldier was convinced he spotted someone like that when he noticed a man who called himself Sean Yetman in a Philadelphia mall on Black Friday. The man, dressed in fatigues and looking quite military, would have passed muster with any of the cashiers in the mall stores giving discounts. But he didn't quite pass the smell test for Ryan Berk, a Purple Heart recipient. And Ryan let him know it.


Ryan pulled the man over by saying his son loves to meet Army guys. The guy proudly walked over and Ryan began peppering him with questions, all the while filming him.

At first, the guy seemed to know what he was talking about. Most of us would have shut up right there. But Ryan, who served in Afghanistan and lost several friends, spotted a few things that set off his internal alarm bells. Watch as he very quickly zeroed in on some inconsistencies with the guy's story and nails him to the wall:

Oh man. That was fierce. Ryan felt like the guy couldn't possibly have earned all of the awards he was wearing -- plus, he was wearing his flag patch in the wrong spot. Would you have guessed he was an imposter?

You gotta hand it to the guy, if he's a faker, he's certainly done his research. Scary. The vast majority of us would have totally thought he was legit.

Odd how he stands there and keeps answering Ryan's questions. Personally, if someone was assailing my blogger credentials (ahem!), I would just say "Google me" and leave! Guess he felt he had something to prove.

The guy never admits he's a phony, so could Ryan be wrong?

Though the man has been tracked down, he hasn't yet been charged with any crime. Apparently falsely claiming you're in the military alone isn't illegal, you have to use that false information to receive "tangible benefits" like money -- or discounts at a store (what Ryan suspects he was doing).

The Bucks County Courier-Times says Yetman's fiancee, who answered the door at the man's house, said he has a military background, but refused to get specific. And according to the Military Times, a spokesman for the Army Human Resources Command says there is no record of a Sean Yetman in uniform.

Hmm. If he's faking, that's sad and pathetic. But unfortunately Berk's blowback has had some unintended consequences. Apparently Yetman and his fiancee and children have received death threats.

Berk was not happy with that and says he just wanted him to stop impersonating a soldier. Unfortunately, people don't really know how to express criticism anymore without going all Rambo. I think the humiliation this man has endured is probably punishment enough.

Would you have known he is fake?

Image via USASOC News Service/Flickr

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