Brainless School Official Posts KKK Message on Facebook

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you: say one of the board members from your kids’ school posted something on social media that seemed blatantly racist. Would you want that person to lose their job? I’m pretty sure I would. Regardless of whether or not my personal views aligned with theirs (in this case, to be perfectly clear, they do not), I wouldn’t want someone who thought it was okay to share hate speech on Facebook to be involved with my child’s education in any way. If I were on the committee deciding the fate of Chris Harris, an elected member of the Hooks Independent School Board in Hooks, Texas, I’m almost entirely certain I’d vote in favor of firing the jerk.


Harris admits that he recently posted a viral image of a Ku Klux Klan member with the caption, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.” I’m not seeing the graphic being published in the news reports about this story, but a quick web search reveals this from

If it wasn’t that exact image, it must have been something similar. Harris says that while he did realize it was likely to cause offense when he posted it, he’s not racist. Harris has since deleted his Facebook profile and he won’t comment on the story, but suffice to say he’s probably wishing he had a time travel machine so he could re-think hitting that oh-so-dangerous Post button.

Ronnie Thompson, the school superintendent, says Harris may be fired if other board members think that’s the right course of action. The board is scheduled to meet on December 15 to decide whether Harris should be let go if he doesn’t submit a resignation letter beforehand. Thompson says it’s an unfortunate lesson others should probably take into account before getting trigger-happy on Facebook:

News travels fast and you have to be careful, because it can do a lot of damage to you and others. People can get into trouble quickly.

It’s true, and in some cases I feel bad when someone’s late-night post gets brought into the light of day. We all say things without thinking them through, and god knows it’s easy to randomly type something in a box and forget about how it can snowball into something much bigger. But in this case, I’d say Chris Harris should have known better. Who posts KKK jokes nowadays? Who posts a KKK joke when they’re a member of a school board? There’s just no good excuse for this. At the very least, it was unbelievably stupid — and in the worst case scenario, Harris is a hateful bigot who shouldn’t be associated with any public school.

Do you think this guy should lose his school board job?

Image via adam_jones/Flickr

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