Couple Decide to Make Random Toddler Rich for Incredible Reason

Parents Larry and Carrie Carroll were absolutely devastated when their 2-year-old daughter, Savannah, was found dead in her bedroom, a victim of Sudden Unexplained Death in Children (SUDC). But the couple vowed that they wouldn't let her death be for nothing. They decided they wanted to raise $10,000 and give it to another child so that that child could experience some of times they shared with Savannah while she was alive.


The idea was to raise money to give a child around Savannah's age a "stolen moment" like the ones they used to give Savannah, such as a fun trip somewhere or a big party. "Whatever she wants," Carrie told Yahoo Parenting.

But after months of fundraising, the Carrolls had raised way more money than they'd intended -- almost $100,000. The couple, along with their two sons, 6-year-old Jack and 6-month-old Dash, decided to fly from their home in California to Savannah, Georgia to find the lucky toddler who would become the recipient of their largesse. They didn't choose the city randomly -- it's because it was their daughter's name.

However, after that, it was random. Which child would instantly become able to afford whatever he or she desired?

The pair wandered around for hours but still hadn't found a child they felt was "the one" so they decided to head into an indoor recreation center. They felt as though "something was guiding" them in that direction.

Here, Jack began playing with 4-year-old Isabella, who was at the playroom celebrating her brother's birthday. Isabella had walked right up to Jack and said "Let's play."

Those were two words that would pay off big time. The Carrolls eventually met Isabella's mom, Sarah Williams, and shocked her with the plan to make her 4-year-old instantly wealthy.

Williams, a single mom of five, said at first she did not believe what was happening. How could she? Sounds like some kind of crazy scam!

But eventually Williams realized that the Carrolls were sincere. She happily accepted their offer -- and says that the money will help fund Isabella's dream to go to college "twice."

This is an incredible story -- devastated parents wanted to do something life-altering for someone else as a way of lessening the pain of their daughter's inexplicable death and of enlivening the life of some other toddler.

Of course, Williams does have a burden now too. If she doesn't spend that money wisely, you can be sure she will be all over the news. And as the Carrolls want to make the gift giving an annual event, she could spoil others' chances at getting a Savannah gift fund. Let's hope this one turns out better than the mom who got so much finanical support from strangers after leaving her two kids in a car while she went to a job interview.

As for Isabella's "stolen moment" it will be "somewhere with water" -- probably a family vacation on a tropical isle.

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No doubt as Isabella and her siblings and mom splash and play in the surf, they will think of Savannah -- and her big-hearted parents. What a touching way to carry on Savannah's fun-loving spirit.

What do you think of what they did?

Image via Savannah Fund/Facebook

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