Two Little Boys Find a Baby's Body Buried in Sand at the Beach

Two boys, ages 6 and 7, reportedly found something horrifically sad -- for so many reasons -- while they were playing and digging on a beach in Sydney, Australia. Buried beneath 12 inches of sand, they found the dead body of an infant. The child had been buried naked and his or her body was so badly decomposed that police are unable to tell the sex, gender, or exact age of the child.


This tragic incident took place on Sunday morning at a fairly secluded spot called Maroubra Beach. A post-mortem examination is expected to be conducted so that police at least have something to start with in their investigation -- because, as of now, they are baffled. They say they are concerned with the welfare of the child's mother and are looking into birth, death, and marriage records, as well as visiting local hospitals, in an effort to find the baby's parents.

As of right now, police say they believe the death was deliberate because of how deep the body was buried and its proximity to the sea.

The young boys reportedly called their father as soon as they made their discovery. They are -- thankfully -- receiving counseling and police have wisely decided to hold off a bit before they question them for more information.

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What do you think happened to this baby?


Image via Sinead Friel/Flickr

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