Dad of Six Stands Up to Ferguson Protestors & Becomes Internet Sensation (VIDEO)

A dad of six in San Diego, California has become an Internet folk hero after he stood up to Ferguson protestors who were blocking traffic on the freeway. Tyree Landrum was trying to get to work when protesters blocked the exit during rush hour. Frustrated and worried he would be late to work, Landrum got out of his car and confronted protesters.


He told the local news crew:

If I don't get there, I'm going to get fired. I've got six f****** kids to feed.

To protesters, he yelled:

I'm about to lose my job and you guys out here protesting. Day goes on, homie. *****s get shot every day. Deal with it the right f***ing way, not like this.

When one protestor got in his face with a bullhorn, Landrum grabbed it and began yelling in his face.

Anyone who has ever been stuck in traffic can certainly empathize with Landrum's frustration. And it's not that Landrum doesn't get the frustration protestors feel. The man just wants to get to work. In a country with too many men skipping out on their responsibilities to their children, here is one man who says he works three jobs to support them.

Unfortunately, it's this kind of thing -- disrupting or even destroying the livelihoods of average citizens who feel for what happened in Ferguson but who still need to pay their bills and put food on the table -- that taints the message protesters are trying to put out.

Landrum's story got so much attention that fundraisers have popped up for him online, including one that wanted to buy his kids Christmas presents. Almost immediately, one fund, started by a total stranger, Ryan Fusco, raised more than he asked for.

Oh, and Landrum's employer reportedly understood the situation and didn't fire him even though he did end up being late.

Any words for Landrum?

Image via 10News


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