Mom of 6 Abandons Kids for 6-Week Vacation With Man She Met Online

Show me a mom who doesn't desperately need a vacation and you've pretty much found a hologram. But while most of us day dream a lot, plan our one or two trips of the year strategically, and then search every corner of the planet for responsible babysitters, one pregnant mom was like, naaaah, I'll just skip all that jazz and leave my SIX kids at home alone while I go party for six weeks in Australia with a man I met online.


The British mom, whose name hasn't been released, reportedly told her 16-year-old son she was stepping out to do a bit of shopping and asked him if he could look after his five siblings -- the youngest of whom is 3.

No problem, teen obliges. Fast forward to a few hours later, when the child began to get worried because his mom had yet to return home. He called his grandparents and they called the police.

And that was roughly about the same time when mom was settling in to watch an in-flight movie. Yep, after telling her son she was headed for the shops, she had actually hopped on a flight to Australia at Heathrow Airport.

When her family located her Down Under and asked her to return home, she said she would -- after her 6-week vacation, which was paid for by her new online boyfriend, was over.


Of course, this woman's children and family now have to suffer for her selfishness. They were placed in emergency foster care before being turned over to their grandparents, whom I'm sure are at an age where they feel comfortable caring for 6 children -- I mean, come on.

Mom, meanwhile, was sentenced this past week to a six-month suspended jail term after pleading guilty to abandonment. At her trial she claimed she was a good mother but had been in an abusive relationship that seriously affected her.

Is it possible this mom simply went off the rails and can plead a sort-of temporary insanity for her actions? A lot of us have felt at times like we just need to run away and be by ourselves for a little while -- the difference being that most of us then hire a babysitter and consider an hour or two of drinks with our friends a substantial (and responsible) escape.

Should this mom be punished more severely for her actions or would you cut her some slack?


Image via James Cridland/Flickr

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