Fight Breaks Out in Lingerie Store During Black Friday Sale (VIDEO)

crowded shopping mallI love a bargain -- who doesn't? But there isn't a product I want enough to get into an all out brawl over it ... even if it's at the biggest discount ever. But a few Black Friday shoppers at Victoria's Secret felt otherwise and got into a fight over some underwear and lingerie. It was more of a Black and Blue Friday for these women.


We can't be judgmental. These things happen. When frilly things are at a deep discount why wouldn't you want to throw a punch in order to get -- oh. Wait. NO WAY! These are not things worth fighting over. I understand the bargain, I really, really do. But throwing elbows to get yourself a deep discounted thong? Nope. Please. No!

Besides if you get all bruised up from punching and taking hits, you are not going to look good in lingerie, ladies! Tisk tisk. Can't have broken nails and clumps of hair pulled out in a rumble when wearing a lacey babydoll. That's not sexy.

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Seeing this just makes me love online shopping more than ever. There's no risk of getting knocked out when clicking away on your computer.

Have you ever witnessed shoppers fighting? Were you out shopping today on Black Friday?


Image via n.karim/Flickr

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