Thanksgiving Night Shoppers Fight & Lay Down on TVs to Get Savings (VIDEO)

If there's one subject that has the power to quickly divide folks, it's Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday shopping. Those who oppose it argue that there are 364 other fine and dandy days of the year in which one can shop until they drop and that, amazing sales be damned, we should be able to relax and keep our credit cards in our pockets for two special days. But tons of savvy shoppers vehemently disagree and say it's totally worth battling crazed crowds in order to get their hands on TVs, computers, toys -- and every other item under the sun -- because the savings are well worth the hassle. Regardless of where you stand, it's hard to deny that some shoppers will do anything -- even lay their bodies down across TV boxes -- to get what they want.


For better or worse (ugh, worse ... way worse), we're getting used to seeing video footage emerge at some of the biggest chain stores on Thanksgiving night and Black Friday showing shoppers losing their minds over deals. This year was no exception.

In one video, police actually had to be called to break up shoppers at a Walmart who were fighting over discounted flatscreen television sets. Granted the TVs were being sold for $102 less than their average price, but holy moly, shoppers can actually be seen laying down on top of the boxes so that no one else could take their treasure from them. And police had to pry their bodies off of the boxes -- these are adults we're talking about here!

At another Walmart in Indiana, shoppers were captured on video fighting over Sony subwoofer speakers, with one couple practically tipping over a cart to try to get their hands on one.

And the day isn't even half over.

I understand wanting to save money, but I'm definitely on Team Stay Home and Do Nothing on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. In my opinion, there is no discount on earth worth having to deal with people who have temporarily lost their sanity in pursuit of a $5 Barbie doll (offered at Walmart, in case you are wondering). I also choose to believe people would NOT do what they are so obviously doing in this video below. I'd much rather live with head buried in the warm sand then believe this happened:

Where do you stand on Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping? Will you be battling the crowds this year?


Image via John Henderson/Flickr

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