5 Children Die in Fire as Dad Desperately Tries to Rescue Them

Parents are grieving after a fire took the lives of five of their young children at their home in Edna, Texas. As the fire swept through their mobile home, parents Johnny Hernandez Jr. and Annabel Ortiz were able to escape with their 4-year-old, but five of their other children tragically perished.


Witnesses say the desperate dad was able to shove his wife out of a window, along with their son, Johnny (some reports say he was 3). But when he tried to go back in for the rest of his kids, who ranged in age from 5 to 15, he was held back from the raging fire by neighbors.

When firefighters arrived, they tried to enter the mobile home, which was now engulfed in flames, but the roof and floor were collapsing so they had to retreat.

Witnesses say the distraught father was screaming, "I tried to get in there, I tried, I tried!"

Authorities think the fire may have been sparked by an electrical problem, since it was an old mobile home.

I can only imagine what this family is going through, losing five children all at once. And the poor dad who tried so hard to get to his kids but couldn't. It's every parent's absolute worst nightmare.

Killed were Noah, 15, Nicholas, 13, Julian, 9, Ariana, 6, and Liliana, 5. Noah was a starting linebacker on the high school football team. He is described as a straight-A student and "the best kid that you could know."

This is one poor family who is going to need everyone's prayers and support this holiday season.

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Any words for this family?

Image via KPRC

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