Doctor Accused of Abandoning Patient Giving Birth to Have Sex With Another One (VIDEO)

An obstetrician-gynecologist in New Mexico has been fired and been suspended from practice following accusations of misconduct while on the job treating pregnant women -- including one incident in which he allegedly was absent from a patient giving birth because he was having sex with another patient.


Dr. Christopher Driskill is accused of not only drinking while on the job and having alcohol in his office, but of prescribing medication to a sexual partner without having the proper medical records, writing "inappropriate" personal notes in medical charts, and on "a multitude of occasions," leaving patients to deliver unattended in the hospital despite being called by medical staff.

Reportedly, on one occasion, a patient's emergency C-section was delayed because he was late getting to the hospital, and on another, he allegedly was unavailable to deliver a patient's baby because he was "having sexual relations with another patient."

Driskill is accused of having sexual relationships with several of his patients. The New Mexico Medical Board voted to suspend the doctor's license after finding that he poses a "clear and immediate danger to the public health and safety."

Yikes. Picking a doctor to deliver your child is one of the most personal and important decisions you can make. It would be horrible to think there might have been women who came to the hospital to give birth, only to be let down by having their doctor not arrive -- and possibly because that doctor was off having sex somewhere with another patient.

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Driskill reportedly has not yet requested a hearing to answer to these allegations.

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