Police Officer Shoots 12-Year-Old Boy Who Pulls Out BB Gun

A rookie Cleveland police officer reportedly shot a 12-year-old boy standing outside of a recreation center after the child pulled out a BB gun from his waistband. The officer and another cop who has been on the force for 10-15 years were responding to reports of a male with a gun outside of Cudell Recreation Center when they reportedly spotted the tween standing outside of the building next to a few other people. They also say they saw a black gun sitting on a table under the pavilion and that what the boy did next caused the officer to react.


The child grabbed the gun from the table and placed it in his waistband, according to police. The officer reportedly got out of his car and ordered the tween to put his hands up, but instead of complying, they say he pulled out the gun -- which led to the cop shooting him two times.

Officials say the child didn't physically or verbally threaten the police. He was shot at least once in the stomach and was rushed to MetroHealth Medical Center in serious condition.

Obviously a lot of people are demanding justice for this shooting and saying the officer used excessive force -- and the timing is certainly something given how a grand jury is days away from making a decision about the Michael Brown shooting AND the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the department to determine if excessive force is regularly used.

Wishing this little boy a speedy recovery.

Do you understand why this police officer shot this boy or do you think this was an example of reckless excessive force?


Image via Swift Benjamin/Flickr

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