4-Year-Old Believed to Have Shot 3-Year-Old When Playing With Loaded Gun

handgunA 3-year-old child was playing with his 4-year-old neighbor in his home in Lake Stevens, Washington. The 3-year-old's father was home, but in another room when he heard a loud bang in the bedroom the kids were playing in. When the father tried to open the door, it was locked so he had to force it open and that's when he found his son bleeding. He initially thought the door he forcibly opened hit the child, causing him to be injured, but once at the hospital, he learned the truth. His 3-year-old child had been shot.


The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office are investigating the situation, but it is suspected that the 4-year-old child shot the 3-year-old in the mouth. There is no information on where these kids got the gun or why there was a loaded gun in a home where kids are. The child could have brought the gun over from his home or the kids could have found it at the house they were playing in. I suspect that because the father thought the door hit his son causing his mouth to bleed that he didn't have a gun in his home. I'm also confused as to what happened to the gun -- the dad didn't seem to notice it when he barged into the room. Did the other child then hide it? Did he know playing with it was wrong? No matter where it came from, no child should ever have access to a loaded gun. It's the parents who are to blame here. 

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Thank goodness this 3-year-old wasn't killed. He was first taken to Providence Medical Center in Everett, but then was airlifted to Seattle's Harborville Medical in serious condition. I'm praying for his full recovery. The other child must be so upset this happened and I hope he gets whatever help he needs to recover from the incident as well. I'm also hoping that the families involved practice better gun safety. Let this story be a reminder to anyone who has guns to make absolutely certain they are locked away and out of children's reach.

Should the parents be held responsible for not keeping guns away from kids?

Image via Robert Nelson/Flickr

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