Creepy Hacker Streams Footage of Napping Kids at Daycare to World

video cameraDo you ever feel like someone is watching you? If you have a nanny cam or security camera that isn't password-protected, there is a chance someone has been peeping at your footage and putting it up on a website so other creepers can get their voyeuristic fantasies fulfilled. Disgusting! Hackers are taking footage from your home cameras, your child's daycare center cameras, any security camera that hasn't been secured with a password and showing it online for the world to see. There are over 4,000 camera feeds from the United States alone, more from all over the world. And it's legal.


The website streaming the footage is called Insecam and they are based out of Russia. I did my own stalking and looked at the site and right there on the homepage read:

Sometimes administrator (possible you too) forgets to set the default password on security surveillance system, online camera or DVR. This site now contains access only to cameras without a password and it is fully legal. Such online cameras are available for all internet users. To browse cameras just select the country or camera type. 

This site has been designed in order to show the importance of the security settings. To remove your public camera from this site and make it private the only thing you need to do is to change your camera default password.

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Sure sounds like they are trying to protect themselves. As if they are really doing this to help you out and "show the importance of security settings"? So showing the stream of the naked woman doing housework is all in the name of helping you protect yourself. Okay.

There is also plenty of footage of sleeping children out there for those peering eyes who like to watch children (who aren't their own) sleep. This is the stuff of horror films. Mess with me, that's one thing. Mess with my kids and then we have a huge problem. On this hacker site, all 16 cameras at a daycare in Alabama were streaming for the world to see. This may be "legal" but it's morally wrong and inviting sinister behavior.

We got the message: CHANGE ALL THE PASSWORDS! Right now. Because it's not just the cameras without passwords being hacked, it's also the cams that are using the manufacturer's password. With this hacking comes the trickle down effect and people are snatching screen shots from these streaming videos and posting them online, too. We need to be concerned.

Are you concerned about this hacking?


Image via Michael/Flickr

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