Miracle Baby Born in Epic Snowstorm Was God's Plan, Says Proud Dad

baby born in snowstorm

If I were pregnant nearing my due date in Buffalo, New York, right now, I think I’d be living in a state of complete anxiety. As you likely know, the area has been walloped by record lake-effect snowfall this week in an ongoing storm that’s stranded hundreds of citizens and killed eight people. Bethany Hojnacki of South Buffalo went into labor early Tuesday morning and couldn’t get to the hospital because of the road conditions. It was an emergency situation that could have had a tragic outcome — but what happened was nothing short of a miracle. As her husband put it, “It’s not odds; it’s God.”


Hojnacki went into labor around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, just as her neighborhood was hit by a savage storm. Her husband went outside to look for help and encountered firefighters assisting a stuck driver near their home.

The driver turned out to be a labor and delivery nurse, who stayed with them throughout the labor. The couple and the nurse made their way to a firehouse in south Buffalo, where they encountered — unbelievably — yet another stranded woman who happened to be a maternity nurse.

Hojnacki delivered her baby at the firehouse with the help of her husband and their impromptu medical team, and baby Lucy Grace Hojnacki was born just after 9:30 p.m. Her husband said that finding those nurses was no coincidence:

It was kind of incredible. God really put the people who needed to be in the right spot for us at the right time. (...) It’s more than amazing. We’re so blown away by God’s grace.

Hojnacki says,

It was a crazy time for sure, but a happy ending. Her name is Lucy Grace -- her name means grace illuminated. On a day that was so sad, how many people died -- this baby is such a bright light in a such a dark storm.

I’m not a spiritual person, but I sure believe in good fortune and the power of helpers. Without these nurses, who knows what might have happened. Even if Hojnacki’s delivery had no complications, it surely would have been terrifying to go through it without any professional assistance. Those nurses helped ease her mind and ensure that baby arrived as safely as possible, and I’m so incredibly glad the Hojnackis found them. What a heartwarming story to come from such a cold and stormy night.

Do you believe there was a divine reason for how this story ended?

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