Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Scandal Means No More 'The Cosby Show' Reruns

The Cosby Show

More bad news for Bill Cosby. Amid the sexual allegations that continue to surface about him, TV Land has decided not to air The Cosby Show on the network anymore, effective immediately. The decision came last night and already any mention of the show has been removed from the TV Land website.


So far 15 women have come forward to complain of sexually inappropriate advances that Cosby made toward them, and six of those women have done so publicly. TV Land's decision comes on the heels of the news that NBC will not be moving forward with a sitcom they were developing with Cosby (due to begin next year), and Netflix will no longer stream a planned special for Thanksgiving Day called Bill Cosby 77.

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I'm conflicted on where I stand with this news. On one hand, perhaps "out of sight, out of mind" is the best idea for both Cosby and the public right now. It's a lot to process that maybe one of our most beloved figures from our childhoods is not the man we believed him to be. I do believe in innocent until proven guilty, so I just can't let myself go there yet. I'm not saying anyone is lying or anyone is right or wrong -- I'm just saying it's hard for me to wrap my head around this.

As kids, my brother and I were obsessed with Bill Cosby's famous stand-up comedy album Bill Cosby: Himself to the point we wore out the cassette we listened to at least once a week. And The Cosby Show was must-see TV for me from the first episode to the last. Those TV Land re-runs had actually become part of my Sunday afternoon ritual to relax and decompress.

I also have to point out that pulling those re-runs doesn't just hurt Bill Cosby, but also the rest of the cast and crew who probably receive residuals from each episode that airs. I've watched those re-runs since these allegations started to pick up steam over the past few weeks, and I was still able to watch and feel nostalgic for my childhood without thinking about what Cosby may or may not have been doing off set.

I get that is not the case for everyone -- and I do think I'm in a little denial! But I hope this is over soon so everyone can move on and we can know for sure who one of our childhood idols really is ...

Do you think TV Land is right to pull The Cosby Show?

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