Model Janice Dickinson Says Bill Cosby Drugged & Sexually Assaulted Her

You have to imagine Bill Cosby is waking up every day wondering whether another woman is going to add her name to the fast-growing list of women who are accusing him of sexual abuse. Model Janice Dickinson is the latest to come forward and say that the actor and comedian drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1982. The now-59-year-old claims Cosby, 77, targeted her at a time in her life when she was most vulnerable.


Dickinson says she first met Cosby after her agent set up a meeting with him so they could discuss a possible role for her on The Cosby Show. They reportedly chatted at a restaurant, but nothing else happened at this meeting. The outspoken model, who has never hidden the fact that she had a serious drug and alcohol addiction, says she didn't hear a word from Cosby -- until after she had been released from rehab and was on a trip to Bali.

Cosby allegedly flew Dickinson to Lake Tahoe because he was performing a stand-up routine there and told her he wanted to offer her the role on her show and help her with a singing career by letting her open for him.

Instead of helping her, Dickinson says he gave her a glass of wine and a pill that she believed was a painkiller she had requested to help her with menstrual cramps.

The next thing the model says she remembers was waking up without her pajamas on and with semen in between her legs. She says she recalled Cosby wearing a robe, taking it off, and then getting on top of her and sexually assaulting her.

If you're wondering why Dickinson has waited so long to come out with this story, she says she hasn't. When she was writing her autobiography, Dickinson says she submitted a draft that included this damning account, but that Cosby's lawyers threatened to sue her if she didn't remove it. She says she has "unresolved issues" with this and that it seriously affected her life and even drove her to try and hurt herself. To her credit, she says she felt now was the time to come forward publicly in order to support the alleged victims who already have done so.

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Dickinson is the fifth woman to accuse Cosby of sexual abuse. In a recent NPR interview, Cosby chose to say nothing at all when asked if he wished to comment on the allegations. In the meantime, he is canceling appearances left and right on shows like David Letterman and The Queen Latifah Show. Netflix announced on Tuesday that it would be "postponing the launch of the new stand up comedy special 'Bill Cosby 77.'" The show was scheduled to appear on Thanksgiving.

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