Woman Finds Out She's Pregnant With Husband's Baby Right Before His Funeral (VIDEO)

After seven years of desperately trying to get pregnant and documenting the heartrending process on YouTube, Kristy Kirchner finally had some unbelievable news -- she was pregnant! Only the message was bittersweet. Because she could no longer share that news with the man who'd started that journey with her, her husband, Royce. In fact, she had to put aside thoughts of the baby, because Royce's funeral was the very next day.


Kristy found out she was pregnant with her husband's baby just days after he was killed in a car accident near their home in Queensland, Australia. While it seemed like Royce was reaching down from the heavens to grant her one last gift, it also was incredibly difficult to know that she would be a single mother -- and one that was drowning in debt from IVF treatment bills, and who would now have no income from her husband. The two had also cancelled his life insurance policy shortly before his death.

Kristy was now officially pregnant and broke. And she was living in a half-finished renovation of their home -- Royce had been working on that when he died.

But Kristy turned to her YouTube channel, ConceiveABaby, and began doing what she had been doing for a year already -- documenting her struggle. Her first video after she discovered she was pregnant was also the video in which she announced her husband's death.

Her followers stepped up and began donating to an online fundraiser for Kristy's expenses, and now she has over $21,000.

The TV show A Current Affair swooped in to complete the renovations on her home.

Kristy continues to document her journey on YouTube with humor and verve, despite her raw pain, which is sometimes unbearable. In one video, she says:

It's getting harder. I have noticed myself slipping from shock into heavy grief. The feelings are overwhelming, the pain is unbearable, and I feel so much for little Pacey who is so tiny and shouldn't have to bear the brunt of such a horrible start to life.

Little Pacey already has a name, though Kristy doesn't yet know if the baby is a boy or girl.

This is a woman who worked so hard for a simple dream -- a baby with the man she loved -- and when she finally got it, it was all ripped away from her at the same time. It really doesn't get more bizarre and tragic. And yet she will have a piece of Royce now, through her baby. And she has the support and goodwill of fans all over the world.

Image via KristysWorld/Instagram

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