First-Grader Goes Hungry When Snarky Lunch Lady Denies His Meal (VIDEO)

First-grader denied lunch

Xavier is a 7-year-old first grader at Cascade View Elementary north of Seattle, Washington. Like a lot of kids, Xavier receives his school lunch via the National Lunch Program, a federally assisted program that provides more than 30 million children each day with nutritionally balanced meals for low or no cost. But in October, the lunch lady saw that Xavier’s lunch balance was in the negative, and instead of providing him with the backup meal she was supposed to, she denied him any food. Not only that, but Xavier says she called him out in front of other kids by saying, “Guess what? You can’t have a lunch.”


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According to Xavier, when he tried to get his food on October 20, the lunch lady refused to give him anything to eat:

It was a sack lunch. It was in a bag. She was passing it around to everybody. The lunch lady said, ‘Guess what? You can’t have a lunch.’ She said that. She said I can’t have a lunch.

When kids’ accounts are in the negative $20 or more, the child is supposed to get a cheese sandwich and unlimited fruits and veggies from the salad bar, along with a drink. Xavier’s dad Eric isn’t sure why the account had no funds, since it’s funded through the state. He says,

My question was never answered as to why he was denied. I was very mad. I couldn’t believe it happened. It happened to me as a child and I could still feel that hurt and I can only imagine what he went through.

Xavier’s father is so upset about how the school handled the incident, he’s considering removing his children from the school. As for the Snohomish County School District, they say they’re investigating the matter.

Here’s a news clip covering the story:

I don’t blame Xavier’s dad for being angry about this, if it really went down the way his son described. A lunch lady shouldn’t be rude to a child about his account balance, no matter what her personal feelings might have been about the matter. Even if she had reason to believe Xavier’s parents should have been doing something to address the issue of his overdrawn funds, if the policy is to provide a backup meal, that’s precisely what she should have done. Without a single comment to a 7-year-old about how much he supposedly owed.

It sounds like some sort of bureaucratic error resulted in the overdrawn account, but even if his parents had been asked multiple times to pay up and they simply hadn’t, that’s not Xavier’s fault. As long as we have policies to help kids who are in need, we should be following them without eye-rolling or shaming anyone. I sure hope this lunch lady never has any occasion to be hungry and embarrassed and made fun of in front of her peers.

Are you surprised by this story at all?

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