Student Sent Home for 'Offensive' Sweatshirt Was Singled Out

A Wisconsin teenager was sent home from school recently for wearing an "offensive" sweatshirt. Colton Heberling, a student at Cudahy High School, sported a Smith & Wesson sweatshirt, which prominently featured the image of two guns on it.


The shock! The horror! I know, right? Apparently the 16-year-old junior was instructed by the Dean of Students, Phil Martell, to turn his sweatshirt inside out or be sent home. Being in complete compliance with the school's dress code, Heberling declined, and then his dad was called to come pick him up.

The dress code policy for the school states that students may not wear "clothing with expressions that are obscene, profane, pornographic, representative of a clear and present danger of illegal behavior, disparaging or demeaning to others such as racial, religious, sexist of ethnic epithets, or advocating pain, death, suicide, or the use of drugs or alcohol." They're also not allowed to wear jackets or carry backpacks for some reason. Only "drawstring bags" may be used to transport books during the school day. Since when did backpacks become an issue?

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Anyway, Colton's dad, Tiger Heberling, said his son's admiration for the gun company comes from his hunting enthusiasm and in no way is threatening to other students.

Colton himself told a local news station that he wore the sweatshirt in question all morning with nary a side glance from his teachers. He also said that many of the other students were wearing clothing that depicted violence in a much more direct way than his own, and he didn't believe any of them had been asked to turn their clothes inside out.

Nowhere in the school rules is a picture of a gun disallowed on an article of clothing. In fact, the Cudahy High School trap shooting team's logo includes a picture of a gun. That's right, this school has a shooting team. An administrator at a school with a shooting team sent a kid home because he wore a sweatshirt with a gun on it.

Sounds like he was singled out to me, for whatever reason. Tiger Heberling is of similar thought and said he's proud of his son for standing up for his rights and refusing to turn his shirt inside out. He also shared that he would have no problem allowing his son to wear the sweatshirt to school again.

Do you think Colton Heberling violated the school dress code?


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