Mom Who Left Kids in Hot Car Accused of Squandering Donations Meant for Her Kids

Oh-oh. Things are not looking so well for Phoenix mom Shanesha Taylor who generated support from around the country when she was arrested for leaving her children in a hot car while she went to a job interview. Any mom who had ever been in a childcare bind understood the need to work or try to find work and not be able to find or afford a babysitter. After all, it wasn't as if she left them behind to go party or break into houses or something. The woman was trying to get a job! Kind-hearted strangers rallied around her and ended up donating $114,000 to cover her bond and better her circumstances. But now some of those people are demanding their money back.


A civil rights leader who has been supporting Taylor says that he can no longer do so because he claims that she spent $6,000 of the donated funds on a "rap album" that her "baby daddy" was making and that she squandered opportunities for jobs.

Taylor is already in trouble with a judge because she didn't put $66,000 in trust funds for her children, which dropping the charges against her depended on.

The civil rights leader, Reverend Jarrett Maupin, says he arranged for jobs for Taylor in the hospitality industry, which she claimed she was interested in, and that Taylor had the jobs guaranteed if she'd just show up. "But she didn't," he told ABC 15.

Additionally, the reverend says that someone called his office and said that $6,000 of the earmarked funds had been spent on her "baby daddy's rap album." "That's not what people gave her money for," the reverend says. But he concedes, "I hope it's a hit!" (Hey, if he turns out to be the next Jay Z, then we'll all think she's a genius.)

It's understandable that people are angry that Taylor may not have spent the money on what they would have liked to see her spend it on, but the truth is when you give a complete stranger money, you have no IDEA what he or she is going to spend it on. You might feel like you know someone because she has a sad story, but you do not know this person.

But just in case you DO want to know what Taylor is spending the money on (supposedly), the mom came up with a budget that she released. The budget includes $4,000 worth of expenses a month, including $300 for clothing and $300 for entertainment/dining.

While the budget sounds reasonable for a millionaire, it's not quite the budget that people had in mind when they donated. Now a group that is responsible for giving her a big chunk of cash wants it back. Good luck with that!

Look people, when you give over your hard-earned cash to strangers, you don't know where that hard-earned cash will land. Consider it a lesson. But don't let it harden your heart. It's wonderful that so many people felt compassion for this woman who was just trying to get a job. But just because someone pulls on your heartstrings doesn't mean that person is financially savvy.

Let's take just a small percentage of the outrage directed at Taylor and direct it at the bankers who raped the economy in the early 2000s. Taxpayers gave banks $700 billion to bail them out. 'Memba that?

As for Taylor, she seems to be threatening Maupin with a defamation lawsuit on Twitter. Oh, and she'd like more cash for more legal fees. Anyone game?

Do you think Taylor should have to give all the money back?

Image via Scottsdale, Arizona Police

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