Charles Manson to Marry 26-Year-Old Prison Visitor

There's a slightly offensive joke I constantly see floating around social media sites about how Mama June has a boyfriend and you don't. Well, if you need another reason to question the sanity/insanity of love, here it is: mass murderer Charles Manson has just received permission to marry an attractive 26-year-old woman -- one who has been visiting him in prison for a whopping nine years, which is longer than some marriages.


Afton Elaine Burton, who also goes by the nickname "Star," is the young woman who stole Manson's heart and who has been on an almost decade-long quest to help free her future hubby from jail. She runs an actual fan site for the killer, where she has posted his music, photos, interviews, and info about how we can help exonerate the 80-year-old.

Manson was found guilty in the murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and six other people and has been behind bars since 1970. He has been denied parole 12 times and isn't eligible to apply for it again until 2027 -- at which point he'll be 93. In the meantime, he and Afton are not allowed to consummate their love because he is not entitled to conjugal visits -- thank god. Can you imagine how Tate's family would feel finding out this woman was pregnant with Manson's child?

We can all speculate about Afton's intentions until the cows come home. I, personally, can't help but wonder if she's just a misguided but good-hearted person on a lofty quest to save someone's soul -- but in her words: "I love him, I'm with him." And the young woman proved it by moving to California so she could be closer to her fiance.

On the one hand, love is blind. On the other: there are millions of people in the world you could have fallen in love with -- was Charles Manson the only one available that day?

As far as their wedding goes, don't expect it to be catered by Daniel Boulud. They'll exchange vows in an inmate visiting room at the jail and are allowed to invite up to 10 non-inmate guests. I have a sneaking suspicion there will be more than a few empty chairs in the room that day.

Why do you think this woman is marrying Manson? Do you believe it's true love?


Image via Handout/Getty Images

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