Ridiculous Woman Sues 'Peppa Pig' Producers for Naming Goat After Her

woman sues Peppa Pig

Let’s say you happen to have a first and last name that sounds like a popular cartoon character’s. I mean, not to get too specific, but let’s just say your name is ... Sminnie Shmouse. After enduring some teasing over the resemblance between the names, do you 1) suck it up and quietly vow revenge on your parents, 2) laugh it off because seriously, in what universe is this a big deal, 3) sue the CRAP out of the Walt Shmisney Company? If you’re Gabriella Capra, you choose what’s behind Door Number 3, to the tune of €100,000 in compensation from the British children’s television series Peppa Pig.


Here’s the deranged backstory: Gabriella Capra, 40, is suing the London-based animation studio Astley Baker Davies after an episode introduced the character Gabriella Goat. Gabriella Goat apparently showed Peppa around the village while “occasionally bleating.”

The problem, according to Capra, is that she’s had to put up with being teased and “made an object of scorn” because in Italian, capra means goat. Here is a sample of the dialogue that’s led to Capra’s plight:

English version: “Hello. I am Gabriella Goat. Baaaaa,”

Italian version: “Buon giorno, sono Gabriella Capra. Baaaaa.”

Yes. I can see how this led to a horrific ... I can really understand how a 40-year-old woman would be ... I can ... NO I CAN’T. This is ridiculous. She wants the US equivalent of $125,000 in damages for this? SHAME ON MS. GOATY VON GREEDERTON.

According to the consumer group that’s representing her (a consumer group got behind this? What the hell),

Since this episode came out on the small screen she has been the frequent object of derisive jokes by friends and colleagues. Through us, therefore, our member has submitted a request of €100,000 in damages to the English company, and any resulting sum will be entirely donated to voluntary associations looking after abandoned children

Well, I’m glad the money wouldn’t just line her pocket, but I think this woman needs to get a grip. I can’t even think of anything further to say except the world is full of real problems and THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

Do you think this lawsuit sounds remotely valid? Or is this just a BAA’D use of legal resources? Should this woman stop letting a TV show get her goat?

Image via E1 Kids/Peppa Pig

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