'Worst Deadbeat Dad Ever' Has at Least 26 Kids & Doesn't Support Them (VIDEO)

Terry TurnageTerry Turnage loves babies. Well, he loves making them. Supporting them? Not so much. Turnage has at least (at least!) 26 children by 15 different women ... and yet barely pays a dime for any of them. Turnage has been served with papers by child support court several times by several different women, but he just ignores them. And while the times he does bother to show up in court, he comes dressed poor and claiming he has no money, he owns a nightclub in Memphis, Tennessee, and posts pictures of himself with luxury cars, expensive bottles of booze, and wads of cash.


Two of the more recent baby mamas, who were told their babies were number 24 and number 26, recently went to court to try and extract child support from Turnage, but he didn't show. Asked why she would have a baby with a guy with such a history, 22-year-old Paula Stewart said she knew nothing of Turnage's reputation as the World's Worst Deadbeat Dad. "I've been in school," she explained. "I wasn't out like that."

Stewart has a 2-year-old son by Turnage and now realizes he must have at least three 2-year-olds.

Miesha Davis found out the hard way about Turnage's reputation when she called the child support office and the person who answered the phone informed her that Turnage was "famous" -- and not in a Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt/Channing Tatum kind of way.

As for child support, hey, Turnage does cough up a little bit of dough. Very little. One mom says she got $6 and one got $1.26. But one managed to wrangle an entire $9 out of him. Woo hoo!

While this is despicable, you do have to wonder what these women were thinking. Did they not know him at all?

While Octomom was declared enemy number one and investigated for welfare fraud after having eight kids while she already had six and was living off public assistance -- what about a guy like this? He not only manages to get away with it, but he's still considered sort of a local hero. More than 200 people showed up at his recent birthday party (including, erm, Stewart and Davis).

Reportedly, Turnage puts his assets such as his nightclub in his children's names so the state can't go after them.

In this world, it's just too easy for men to walk away from what they create. Which is part of the reason the burden falls on women to be careful with whom they procreate. But let's just not let the guys off the hook either. It takes two to make a baby. (Or, in Turnage's case, 16.) If a judge can order a mother of four to stop having kids, how about a dad of 26 (or more)??

Something needs to be done about this guy! Since Tori Spelling didn't end up paying for Dean McDermott's vasectomy, maybe she could throw this dude a freebie? Think of the greater good, Tori.

How can this guy be stopped??

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