News Reporter Rightfully Booed for Saying 'Public Schools Suck!' (VIDEO)

news reporter says public schools suck

Earlier this month, FOX6 WITI news reporter Meghan Dwyer won a local television Emmy. She actually won two, but one was in the category of Outstanding Achievement for News Specialty Report/Series: Education/Schools for her investigation of bullying within the public school system of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Last night she accepted her award for the “Scared at School” series, and during her acceptance speech, she said — and I quote — "Public schools suck."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the response from the audience was ... not great. And her reaction was ... excruciatingly awkward.


Dwyer’s “Scared at School” series investigated Milwaukee Public Schools and other local districts’ response to reports of bullying, and it sounds like the gist of what she reported is that the schools she looked into weren’t doing enough to combat bullying. One of her articles, titled “Scared at school: Parents accuse MPS of not taking bullying seriously,” includes the following:

Nearly every day, the Fox 6 Investigators get emails about children being bullied; desperate parents claiming school districts aren’t taking their concerns seriously.

Dwyer’s report included some examples of parents feeling that their concerns weren’t being addressed by the schools while their kids continued to suffer — and Dwyer says,

These are just three examples out of more than 10,000 incidents that have been reported in Milwaukee Public Schools in the last three years.

Okay, so it sounds like she really uncovered some unpleasant stuff during her investigative work, but was it remotely acceptable to get up in front of a televised audience and say “Public schools suck” and “They’re horrible”? Because that’s exactly what she did, although she tried to make up for it with the feeble statement that “I love public schools. My kids will go there. But they’re—they need work. Sorry.”

Here’s the video, which gets almost unwatchably cringe-worthy starting at 1:09:

I feel for her, because I’m sure her experience left her feeling very angry with the schools, and like her news president explained after the fact, she was “caught up in the excitement of the evening.” He says she regrets her comments and that she misspoke ... but come on. She didn’t misspeak. She spoke her mind, and the truth is that she believes they suck, at least with regards to how they handle bullying.

But not every public school sucks. My kids’ school is awesome and extremely proactive about bullying and they have amazing teachers and if anything sucks at ALL with our school it’s the government for forcing kids to take the standardized Common Core “Smarter Balance” test this year which will apparently take 8 hours and 2/3 of the kids are expected to do poorly because they haven’t been taught the subjects they’re going to be tested on and that is some damaging, seemingly pointless bullshit. But that’s a rant for a different post, my point here is Meghan Dwyer should have been more tactful with her words, and she shouldn’t be surprised that the overall reaction to her outburst was one of dismay.

What do you think, was this reporter justified in what she said?

Image via FOX6 WITI

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