Pregnant Woman Panhandling With Young Son Drives Away in Mercedes (VIDEO)

A pregnant mother who is panhandling with her young son doesn't need the money, according to a witness who says she saw the begging mom and her son get picked up by a man in a new Mercedes and "laugh" over their money. The woman may also live in an upscale apartment building where rentals go for $2,500 a month.


Melissa Smith says she often sees the pregnant woman and her young son on a street corner in Chula Vista, California, holding up a sign that says, "Please help." So Smith says she was surprised when one day she saw the pair get picked up by a man she figured was her husband or boyfriend in a new Mercedes-Benz. She told ABC 15:

Here they are counting money, laughing, and their little boy is not in a car seat or seat belt. He's all the way in the front seat with them.

Smith says when the pregnant woman caught Smith taking photos of her, she tried to throw a boulder at her.

Smith was able to write down the Benz' license plate number, and when KGTV in San Diego ran the plate, they found it registered to a woman who lived in an upscale development in Escondido. KGTV could not find the trio, however. Neighbors said they had quickly moved.

At first glance, this seems like a couple who are gaming the system, but we don't know their whole story. Remember the woman who drove her old Benz but couldn't find work and needed to use food stamps?

But what galls me is that this mom is taking her child along on these begging missions. Whenever I see mothers begging with their children, it just bothers me so much. Children should be off playing and living the life of a child, not being involved in this. Sure, maybe some moms who are genuinely poor can't afford a babysitter nor have any relatives or friends who can watch their kid -- but that doesn't sound like the situation here.

The mother may not realize this, but she is teaching her child to be ashamed of her. I feel so bad for him.

And the fact that she is pregnant -- ugh! Don't even get me started. Soon she'll be holding a baby while panhandling. (That is, if she's really pregnant!)

I hope this woman is tracked down and interviewed. What is her real story? Is she really destitute? Does she really have NO choice but to beg, and to take her child along?

Unfortunately, it's stories like this that make you think twice about giving to people begging, and there are those who genuinely do need it.

Do you think she really needs the money?

Image via KTLA

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