14-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Shot in the Stomach By Police

A 14-year-old pregnant American girl was shot in the stomach by Mexican police officers after she and a friend reportedly failed to follow police orders to stop at the border between Texas and Mexico. The incident took place near the international bridge that leads to Pharr, Texas, where Mexican soldiers spotted the girl and a boy in a truck that was driving by a convenience store. When officers ordered the driver to stop, he didn't -- and the girl's mom says what happened to her daughter next was completely intentional.


The young teen, who was four months pregnant, has been identified as Indira Michelle Blanco Lopez Gonzalez. She reportedly asked her mother if she could borrow her truck so that she could take a friend to the Mexican border. The boy was reportedly driving the vehicle when police ordered them to stop. Instead of obeying this command, he allegedly drove off, which led to police shooting at the truck's tires.

The truck reportedly fell into a ditch and the driver fled on foot -- nice, right? He left the teen in the truck, where she was found wounded in the belly. The girl's mother says she received a phone call from her daughter eight minutes after she left the house and that Indira told her she had been shot by soldiers.

Indira's mom also says she believes her little girl was shot in the stomach on purpose. Mexican police have yet to comment on this, but according to Indira, the bullet she took wasn't one that hit her as cops were shooting at the vehicle. She says she got out of the car and asked for help because her stomach hurt and she was pregnant and that was when the cops shot her in the belly.

Fortunately, both the girl and her unborn baby are expected to survive.

This incident comes two weeks after three American siblings -- ages 26, 22, and 21 -- were found shot to death in the border city of Matamoros. Authorities are looking into the possibility that Mexican police were involved.

What do you think about the details of this incident? Do you think this teen was shot in the stomach on purpose?


Image via Frank de Kleine/Flickr

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