21-Year-Old Actor Dies After Catching Fire While Train Surfing

A 21-year-old male model and actor has died one day after he reportedly caught on fire while train surfing on top of the Metro-North in Connecticut.

Brian McClellen, who was originally from Ohio, was found early Sunday morning on top of a train heading to Manhattan after the power suddenly went off and train officials climbed atop the train to investigate.

To their shock and horror, the young man's body was burning and a crew member had to use a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze. McClellen reportedly suffered from burns over 85 percent of his body -- and police say there is footage of him climbing on top of the train so he could attempt the risky stunt of jumping from one moving train to another.


While train surfing, the young man reportedly came into close contact with a pantograph, which is a mechanized arm that connects the train to overhead power lines and which contains 12,500 volts of electricity, according to MTA officials. He was reportedly electrocuted and caught on fire.

McClellen died of his injuries at Westchester Medical Center. Police are reviewing the video that apparently shows him climbing aboard the train.

McClellen moved to New York City two years ago, according to his talent agent, and wanted to pursue a career as an actor. He reportedly snagged a role in a TV show that stars Hilary Duff as well as a movie with Pierce Brosnan called Urge.

But McClellen also had a "daredevil streak," his agent says, and was an avid skateboarder who attempted risky stunts.

Of course McClellen shouldn't have been train surfing -- no young person should even think of doing something so dangerous. But what's done has been done and it's important to remember that this young man has family members who care deeply for him and are mourning his loss. Hoping they can find peace during this time.

Have you heard of train surfing?


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